Special Services

We’ve come across helping clients with professional cleaning services, some of them had requested special services according to their needs. Here at CRM Cleaning, we go an extra mile to deliver the best we can to help with our client’s needs.


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Extra Attention

Deep Cleaning and Sanitizing

Some germs can live on dry surfaces (such as toys) for several hours and moist surfaces (like bathroom sinks) for up to three days.

COVID-19 - Enhance Cleaning

Especially design cleaning to help prevent the spread of COVID-19

Post-Construction Cleaning

Clean up debris, dust, material waste, residue, remove stickers from windows or appliances, sweep floors, and vacuum carpets

Snow Removal

Keep your staff and customers safe by removing snow and avoid accidents from happening.

Move In / Move Out

You can do all the packing and moving, we'll take care of the cleaning so you don't have to.

Day Porter Services

Cleaning and maintenance of common areas like kitchens, cafeterias, lobbies, patios, restocking restrooms, and much more

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